Having adequate fire safety systems and processes in place to protect your business and staff is not only common sense but also a strict legal requirement. StorvikFM can assist you in all areas of your ongoing fire safety management and all our work is performed in accordance with British Standards.

  • Protection, detection and maintenance
    StorvikFM works with teams of fire experts who are qualified to deal with the consultation, implementation, servicing and maintenance of your system.  No two businesses or premises are the same which is why it is so important to create a reliable system around the specifics of your company.

  • Fire Safety survey
    With an excellent understanding of the current fire safety legal requirements, the fire experts we work with can assist your business with the following:
  • Ensuring that your site is compliant with UK fire legislation
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Check that extinguishers and other fire safety provisions adhere to British standards
  • Identify any gaps or overlaps in your current fire safety provision
  • Offer advice on any fire safety issues you may be experiencing from false fire alarms, to understanding fire legislation

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